The failure rate for up and coming businesses is alarmingly high. Only the most efficient ones will survive. A large number of failed start-ups can be attributed to both the competitive nature of their sectors and the inability of managers to provide an environment where ideas are expressed clearly.

The success of a new company will largely depend on the internal system that is used to share information. The ideal product for this purpose is Omnia. It will help to maximise communication within the office. When seeking out a high-quality intranet, the manager will need to take numerous factors into account.

Team Communication

It is easy to fall into the trap of using a communication system that is not fit for purpose. Doing so would mean that co-workers are not able to discuss important ideas with each other effectively. Instead, it is better to install the Omnia intranet onto either an Office 365 or SharePoint environment. Once it is up and running, the organisation will be empowered to deliver the right messages relevant to the workforce.

Giving Admins Full System Control

Cyber control may be an essential factor for start-ups when deciding on a sound intranet system. They may choose the one that has the most versatile governance tools. Omnia gives admins the ability to define and monitor a broad range of digital workplace conditions. This includes being able to incorporate company policies into the system, manage what content is available and constantly keep an eye on what happens within the internal system.

Communication Outside the Office

Sometimes the start-up will need an intranet that allows workers both inside and outside of the office to talk to each other. Smartphones and tablets have changed the work dynamic for the entire corporate industry. It is now possible for employees to keep in touch constantly with the office while on the move. Therefore the intranet needs to deliver well on Android and iOS operating systems.

Intuitive User Interface

If an intranet service is cumbersome, it will waste valuable work day time. Instead, the manager needs to find one that provides a personalised, streamlined interface. Ideally, it should be task-oriented so that workers can achieve goals as efficiently as possible. The more this intranet system is used, the more successful the company becomes.